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In order to accommodate our larger vision of growing and teaching others how to grow year round hyper-local superfoods, we have decided to change our name from divine microgreens to intentional harvest vertical farms.  all links to our store on this website will be forwarded to our new farm store.  check out our new website at

Thank you for supporting us on our journey of creating a more sustainable and equitable food system.  Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter (pop-up window)  for a $5 off coupon :)


"I feel like I won the lottery when i discovered divine microgreens." 

 Nadine K. 



What makes microgreens


Microgreens are truly a superfood sent from the heavens.  Microgreens are very small and immature vegetables that give their adult counterparts a run for their money.  Every seed holds the same amount of nutrients for a vegetable's entire life making it so microgreens hold 10-50 times the nutrient density by weight of their adult counterparts.

Microgreens also pack a punch of flavor and style, making sure every one of your meals is nutritious, delicious, and unique.  They are so easy to use, they can be thrown on top of any meal to up your nutrient intake.  

Make the health of you, your family, the environment, and the community a priority today by enrolling in a microgreens subscription with free delivery!


Come say hi at hollywood farmers market 

every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Our booth is located on NE 44th Ave right off of NE Hancock St
We harvest our microgreens FRESH there which means MAXIMUM NUTRITION, FLAVOR, SHELF LIFE, and MINIMUM FOOD WASTE!
Bring Your Own Container OR we provide 100% compostable containers made of vegetable cellulose.


Portland, oregon

vancouver, washington


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