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About Divine Microgreens

Divine Microgreens' mission is to educate people about and provide high quality local produce that will keep the people of Portland and Vancouver healthy and sustainable for years to come. 

Microgreens are an extremely sustainable way to get your nutrition, as a big reason why conventional farming is problematic is the long distance travel required for people to receive their produce.  Sourcing microgreens locally year round is an excellent way to give back to your body, community, and the environment.

Divine Microgreens are grown in organic soil with no additives or pesticides. Our microgreens are grown in sunlight when the weather allows and when not, low output LED lights are utilized.

At Divine Microgreens, we believe in the power of individuals making a big difference.  This is why 10% of our profits go to planting native trees and organizing community building events to plant these tree to combat global warming.  By doing this, we turn microgreens into macro greens!

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