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What do climate change, dead zones, genetic engineering, pollutants, deforestation, soil degradation, and waste have in common?  

They are all seriously aggravated by our dominant food system, industrialized agriculture.  


The way we get our food is damaging to our planet and our bodies yet we feel helplessly dependent upon it and have no idea where to begin to change this massive problem.  

Could you imagine a world where the way we produced and consumed our food actually helped our environment and our health instead of hurting it?  

Did you know the average piece of produce from the grocery store travels 1500 miles before it gets in your hands?

Transportation accounts for approximately 14% of the total energy used in the US food system.  There is significant room for improvement in how people acquire their food and get it home. supporting local farms, delivery programs, and investing time in learning the rewarding activity of growing your own food are all part of the solution.


Divine Microgreens keeps things simple and compact, setting you up for success from the get go!  All you do is submerge the grow mat with integrated seeds in water and watch as your superfood grows!

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